MicroLight Aircraft Training

by Barry Light - Civil Aviation Authority Certified

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Take to the skies the easy way - Truly affordable flying.

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Light Sport Aircraft at Cockerham Lancaster LA2 0ER

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Blackpool airport weather.

I could put YOU, in the pilots seat of G-CGSO

Approaching Tarn Farm airfield - click for details of Trail Flights

Flexwing Microlights are the easiest and least expensive way to start flying a regulated powered aircraft.

A pre-loved aircraft can be yours for around £2,000-£3,000, with (MOT) at (AFORS.com).

Less than a reasonable second-hand car!

The lessons, storage and running costs are similarly cheap compared to any other form of powered flight.

Microlights can be stored in your garage, they can take off and land on a field or short grass strip, and are the least tied up in red tape of any form of regulated powered aircraft.

Microlight training courses cover all aspects of flying, both theoretical and practical and take a minimum of 25 hours to complete. Most microlight students book one or two lessons a week and finish the course over a period of about nine months.

Flight Instructor, Ground Examiner and
BMAA Check Pilot

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New in 2010, craft YOU could be flying!

View from the air

Our airstrip view

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Weather in Lancaster LA2 0ER, United Kingdom

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