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Answers to some Questions you may have

Can I have a short go to see if I like it?

Is it possible to fly in winter?

Some of the best flying is during the winter! It is of course colder, but providing you wear sensible clothing the temperature is not a problem.

Are the any age limits?

For training to count towards a licence the minimum age is 14. Solo flights can be made from age 16, and the minimum age to be tested for a licence is 17. Maximum age, there isn't one.

Is there a weight limit?

This depends a little on aircraft type, but in general the maximum body weight is 110 Kg = 17.3 stones.

Does the weather affect training?

Yes, fair weather is required especially during training where you will want to be concentrating on learning to control the aeroplane before having to deal with the techniques required for different types of weather. In general, the conditions required for training are:-
  • Wind speed no more than 15 to 20 mph
  • Visibility greater than 5 Km in flight
  • Cloud base above 1000 feet
  • Preferably no rain, though it is quite possible to fly in light rain it is a very miserable experience in an open cockpit
In short, the weather required for flight to be enjoyable and worthwhile for training is about the same as you would want for an enjoyable walk/cycle in the countryside.

What are the Medical Requirements?

Just before going SOLO a self declaration of fitness form is on-line at the CAA's web site.
  • Nervous system
  • Heart
  • Diabetes
  • Psychiatric problems
  • Vision
  • Chest and breathing
  • Epilepsy
  • Drug/alcohol misuse
  • Physical disability

Also, whenever you intend to go flying it is your personal responsibility as a pilot to be fit. Illness or injury, drug treatment, fatigue, pregnancy, medical procedures or surgical operations will usually entail temporary unfitness.

Once issued it is valid until the age of 45 years old. After that date it must be renewed every 5 years until the age of 70. There after it is done on a 3 yearly basis. It is NOT a medical, and is far less onerous than those required to fly General Aviation aircraft.

The Medical self-certification form can be downloaded HERE.

Are Microlights safe?

In a word yes! All Microlight training aircraft have to be built by civil aviation authority (CAA) approved companies to rigorous airworthiness standards. Only safety checked and released materials can be used in their construction. Each year they are inspected and check flown.

Due to their light weight and low minimum speeds microlight aircraft have very good forgiving characteristics. Recent official statistics from the CAA showed that microlight aircraft to be the safest form of private aviation in the UK in terms of serious accidents divided into hours flown. However any aircraft is only as safe as the pilot who flies it, therefore thorough training and a high degree of common sense are both vital in the making of a safe pilot.

Flying is like the rest of life, it contains hazards. At an airstrip, we instructors along with the experienced hobby flyers teach you how to recognize and deal with these hazards, and thus keep you out of danger. You can make flying as safe or as dangerous as you choose.

On a scale of danger from 1 to 10 where playing tiddlywinks is rated 1 and horse riding is rated 8, I would rate microlight flying at about 4 and driving motorcars about 6, motorbikes at 8. Flying (like driving) is not of itself inherently dangerous but can be very unforgiving of carelessness.

before flight check list

What is the test standard?

You will fly the aircraft with an examiner in the rear seat. They will ask you to perform several manoeuvres safely and correctly for about an hour.

See the requirements here.

When are we open?

As a retiree I'm happy to fly seven days a week all year round, subject to weather.

Long after the cost is forgotten, the reward of gaining your pilot's wings will be treasured.

For answers to any other questions - call Barry on 07831 454 142 or email

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