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Learning to Fly

Learning to fly a Microlight is cheaper than you may think!

To obtain a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licence to fly Microlights solo, you must undertake a course of training comprising eighteen separate excercises (see the Training Syllabus link for details).

There is a CAA minimum requirement of 25 hours flight time, including 10 hours solo flight (though it is possible to obtain a restricted licence after 15 hours flight, seven hours solo). Many of these hours will be spent completing the excercises in the Training Syllabus.

Flying can take place throughout the year, any time in daylight when the weather is suitable.


Note that the CAA flight hours are minimum requirements, it is possible that your training could take longer than this time.

Though rest assured, your instructor wants you to be flying solo as soon as you are competent and confident!

In addition to the flight experience exercises, there are five written exams which must be taken as part of your Microlight rating :-

..There is also a Medical Certification to be obtained, this is actually a self-certification.

..Most microlight students book one or two lessons a week and finish the course over a period of about nine months.

..Before each exercise is undertaken, your instructor will run through a detailed breakdown of the theory behind each exercise in a pre-flight briefing, and following your hour's in-flight training,a debriefing session will take place to discuss your progress.

1st price hike since 2014 the cost lifts to £110 per lesson - this includes one hour's flight time.

Thus most lessons actually take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete

..Also, one excercise in the Training Syllabus is ground-based inspection, this is at a much reduced cost.

..When it comes to solo excercises, these again are much cheaper than instructor-led flights.

..When compared to the cost of General Aviation lessons, plus the additional cost of buying, maintaining and hangerage such a craft,

it becomes clear that Flexwing Microlights are still one of the cheapest ways to pilot your own aircraft.

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