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Ground Inspection www.microlight.me.uk
Wing   Crossboom retention wires, secure no twist
Rear Flying wires   Secure without broken strands at swages
Sail   OK, battens in place and secure
Trailing edge   Undamaged, open zips to view double flying wires at front,nuts secure, no fraying
Leading edge   Undamaged
Nose catch   In and secure,Noseplates undamaged

Control Frame   Undamaged, nuts and bolts OK
Front Flying Wires   Nuts and bolts firm, loose to swivel, swage OK

Trike   Propeller damage or abrasions, prop tape intact, bolts tight
Gear Box   Seals not leaking, acceptable play in bearings
Plug Caps   Secure, HT leads dressed correctly
Carburators   Rubber manifold intact, air filter and carbs secure,fuel hose
Exhaust Pipe   Secure, grommets, brackets, springs, weld cracks

Seat Frame   any bends or distortion, seat belt webbing
Hand Throttle   operation check and no fraying at wire ends
Ignition   Switches secure, wiring sound
Monopole/Pylon   Locking system, secure.
Trike Keel   Look for bends or distortions
Keel Front   Secure to Front Strut lugs without cracks or bends
Foot Throttle   ‘click’ / free operation,inspect for frayed cables

Rear Wheels   Tyre pressures,spats, Mud(winter) Grass (summer)
Front Wheel   Tyre pressure, front forks straight

Instruments   Secure in dashboard, undamaged
Trike Fixings   Hang bolt, front strut pins in place

Fuel   Amount required, cap on, hoses secure, vent open, tap ON

Pre-Start Checklist

Fuel   Hose connections secure, multi tank machines.
    Fuel Tap ON
    Quantity sufficient for flight
    Caps Secure
    Vent Pipe Clear
Hand Throttle   OFF
Choke   ON as required
Ignitions   magnetos ON
    Brakes ON
    Look for People, Obstacles, Tools etc.
    Shout “CLEAR PROP” pause for a reaction.
    Start engine.

Pre Take-off actions at HOLD

turn into wind    
Wing   Full movement of bar and wing
    Nose Catch secure
    Control Frame & Corner Pin
    Front Strut Pins,Hang bolt,Sail, Surface & Battens
    Leach Line Snagged?
    Trim for Take-off
Choke   Off
Instruments   checked and set ALTI
Pilots   Seat Belts tight and fastened
     Helmet, Neck Strap fastened and comfortable
Engine   Power Checks, clear of aircraft to rear
    Test Mag Switches and Smooth Running
    Temperatures within range
Accessories   Security, Map Board, Gloves
Runway   Clear
Approach   Clear
Visor   down
Line-Up   take off at your discretion